Projects I have worked on / am working on

Continuous Analysis of Many CAMeras

CAMCAM is a research project I am involved with at Purdue. Information about the project can be found at the link above, but essentially we are collecting and analyzing publicly available cameras (like traffic cams) and making them available for analysis. I have spent the past year building the web application which allows researchers to choose which cameras to analyze and submit programs they write (using our API) to run on our system. Recently I have started to work on the backend, which is a cloud based, distributed system for handling data from many thousands of cameras simultaneously.

Flappy Bits

Flappy Bits was the final project I helped build for ECE 362, a microcontrollers class at Purdue. It is "Flappy Bird in real life". We attached acceleromters to your wrists and wirelessly transmit your motion to a central printed circuit board. Then we move the bird up and down accordingly on an LCD screen and calculate whether it has run into one of the pipes.

This is engineering

In no way did I do most of the work on this video (that credit goes to Schuyler Putt, Brendan Michaelson, and Erik Swan), but I was in it and we got to have dinner with Purdue President Mitch Daniels. So that was pretty swell.

ENGR Nights

Our first effort, a parody of Some Nights was made in the midst of the robot project freshmen year. For those of you who didn't go through first year engineering honors at Purdue, the robot project consists of a hellish few weeks of fitting Lego peices together and crying. But anyway, out of all of that angst, was born this!